The participants at Livstycket live in Stockholm but the vast majority only feel at home in the suburb in which they live. Via the project Stockholm - my place on earth Livstycket wanted to change that. For no matter where we were born Stockholm is where we belong now.

On the road with Livstycket
Travelling was an important part of the project, ‘Stockholm - my place on earth’. Many do not want to leave the suburbs in which they feel safe, others think the city is frightening when they cannot read the signs and can easily get lost. We read a map, travelled on the underground and buses, trams and ferries. We visited the famous buildings and drew sketches to get to know our city. Above all, we travelled to make the city more accessible to all involved. Sometimes we took wrong turnings, but usually we ended up in the right place!

The project started in August 2011. The participants were divided up into groups each responsible for different neighbourhoods. Then, everyone make trips into town to walk about and explore the different areas. The trips gave the participants their own experiences and images of Stockholm, and their drawings have now become a new textile pattern, Stockholm by Livstycket.

How has the city grown and who are the people who lived and worked in it? Deeper knowledge of Stockholm became a reality as the participants made a variety of visits, wrote and read about the city. Mina Drömmars Stad (The City of My Dreams) by Per Anders Fogelström provided a good historical context.

Stockholm - my place on earth has hopefully given many new roots the chance to become truly established and to grow strong.